Orange Plush is our Extended Services Plan that bundles services and benefits to provide you with maximum savings.

  1. New Hire Training/New Hire Insurance
  2. Custom Consulting and Training
  3. Custom Reports
  4. Monthly Web Training
  5. User Conference complimentary registration
  6. Annual System Review
  7. Courtesy Pricing on Services

This bundled offering, at three levels of membership, was designed to provide our customers more service value for less money.

Your investment in Orange Plush helps to ensure that:

  • Your team members are confident and proficient with the system
  • You are receiving maximum value from your system
  • You enjoy user conference registration fee relief
  • You receive courtesy pricing on services

The overall savings range from $5,700 – $16,550 depending on which level of annual membership you select – Silver, Gold, or Platinum.  This is your chance to get more for less and enjoy more from your Orange Leap solution.