So you have your mail, email, and phones all pulling oars in the same direction. There are some newer techniques, however, that can add that touch of cinnamon to the egg nog of your year-end campaign. (And if you like that metaphor, you may have had a bit too much egg nog yourself).

Online video. OK, this is not really a new technique, but it is still underused. At the holidays, a video from your Executive Director or other luminary thanking people for their support can go a long way toward building goodwill toward men and women. An outstanding impact story can never go wrong at any point in the year as well.

Search engine listings. Hopefully, you already have Google Grants and are running cost-per-click search engine ads. Have you switched them over to your holiday messaging? If not, you may be missing an opportunity to get people involved in your year-end campaign.


Addressable media. Facebook, Twitter, and now Google will allow you to upload a list of your supporters and target advertising to them specifically. That’s right – you can take your LYBUNT list, upload it to Google, and advertise to people encouraging them to make that special year-end gift. An additional advantage of this approach is that not many people know that Google AdWords, in particular, are targetable by person, so your ad campaign looks a lot larger than it is.

Lookalike audiences. When you upload your list, you will also have the opportunity to advertise to people like those people, according to the models from Facebook and Google. This may be an opportunity to bring new people into the fold while they are feeling charitable.

Donation abandonment emails. There are services that will help you email people who start your donation form, but don’t finish it. Since you will hopefully have far more traffic there this time of the year, now is a perfect time to get this up and running.

Taking over your Web site. You should definitely be putting up a lightbox or other interrupter on your site to ask for donations for most of December. This is especially true near the very end of the year. Unless you have a specialized nonprofit, people will probably not be coming to your site for any other reason but to donate. Here you can lightbox and take over your home page to try to get that end of year support.

Outbound voice mail. These prerecorded phone calls can be to thank for support or to encourage an end-of-year gift in conjunction with other campaigns.

It will take some significant preparation, but hopefully this sort of preparation will leave you with something nice under the tree this year.

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