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    1st Choice Advisors

    Phone: 888-441-5830 x100
    Email: info@1stchoiceadvisors.com
    Website: 1stchoiceconsulting.net

    1st Choice Advisors promises to help nonprofits and governmental agencies become more productive and effective in making their communities better places to live. Our vast experience and personalized customer service give you confidence in your decisions and satisfaction after the project is completed. Ask our clients!

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    Phone: 214-866-7822
    Website: 2Dialog.com

    2DIALOG’s cloud-based, online and multichannel fundraising platform can help your nonprofit make better decisions about donors, content, channels and campaigns. Visit us at 2dialog.com.

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    Phone:  800-291-7054
    Website: ascendio.com

    Ascendio solves mission critical problems for organizations. We craft attractive, intuitive and effective solutions that deliver sustainable value to organizations.

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    Since 2007, our team has been creating innovative charity auction solutions for the needs of charities, nonprofits, and schools.Our comprehensive services offer you a fully-customizable platform, innovative mobile auctions, an easy-to-navigate interface, and cutting-edge features that will add to the visibility of your auctions.Coordinating a charity event, from a silent auction for your church to keeping track of a guest list for your black tie gala, doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task.

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    Delphia Consulting

    Phone: 888-421-2004

    Delphia Consulting helps organizations across the country achieve their goals with cost-saving Human Resources (HR) and Payroll software (Sage HRMS and SentricWorkforce).

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    Contact: Joy Evans
    Phone: 469-454-0100

    Dunham+Company is a global fundraising consulting firm specializing in helping Christian nonprofit ministries generate the resources needed to fulfill their mission.

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    EdgeTheory (formerly Leadify) finds your donors before the start looking for you. EdgeTheory is a find engine and a fully-managed social branding service. EdgeTheory creates and manages your messages on a variety of social media platforms.

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    Phone: 917-725-5197

    give2gether is a SaaS (Software as a Service) platform that integrates with Orange Leap and enables nonprofits to create online fundraising campaigns that integrate with social media in five easy steps.

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    Phone: 1-877-437-7765

    Intacct is a cloud-based fund accounting solution for nonprofits that integrates with Orange Leap and provides nonprofits with full-featured accounting applications.  Intacct is the preferred provider of financial applications for the AICPA.

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    Phone: 1-888-371-1842
    Email: experts@informz.com
    Website: www.informz.com

    Informz is marketing sophistication, made simple. Our powerful email marketing platform, marketing automation tools and expert services, are built to help nonprofits tell compelling stories, create real connections and drive real results. Learn why over 1,100 organizations have chosen Informz and consistently rank us #1 in client satisfaction at www.informz.com.

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    JMT Consulting Group

    Phone: 1-888-368-2463

    JMT’s mission is to empower nonprofits to achieve their mission through optimized systems & processes. Working with nonprofits exclusively, we provide technology, accounting, and financial management, fundraising and business process consulting, emphasizing cloud-based technologies. With 2,000+ clients nationwide, JMT focuses on helping clients today, and as they continue to grow.

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    Kerr Consulting

    Phone: 1-800-352-4032

    Kerr Consulting offers a wide range of accounting software solutions and constituent management software. Whether you are in the market for straightforward accounting software or a complex solution, our experienced staff can help you choose and implement the software package that is right for you.

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    NP Solutions

    Phone: 1-800-452-6599 x 118
    Website: npsol.com

    When organizations need the benefit of a fundraising, grant management and fund accounting expert they rely on NP Solutions.  With 20+ years of dedicated service we encourage you to talk with us, meet with us, hear what other organizations have to say about us and decide for yourself.

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    ProSoft Solutions, LLC

    Phone: 1-800-889-4307 OR 972-674-3883

    ProSoft Solutions provides effective solutions for Nonprofits, Churches, Ministries and Governments with over 20 years of leadership, experience and success. We are not software people who know a little accounting, we’re CPA’s, fundraising consultants, accountants, and consultants who know a lot about software. We believe that makes all the difference.

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    Phone: 800-291-7054
    Website: raisedonors.com

    RaiseDonors is the simple, secure and affordable way to accept donations online. We offer direct integrations with both Orange Leap on Demand and MPX.

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    Red Arc

    Phone: +61 (0)2 8277 9096

    We are a systems integration organisation dedicated to enabling exceptional systems for our clients. We draw on 15+ years experience designing systems that work to:

    Analyse your business processes

     Uncover opportunities and match technical solutions

    Connect you with trusted suppliers and manage communication

     Integrate the above into a complete system.

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    Russ Reid

    Phone: 626-449-6100
    Website: russreid.com

    Russ Reid helps nonprofit organizations acquire new donors, build relationships, and multiply donor value. It’s innovation in fundraising. And it’s how you’ll grow beyond.

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    Soft Trac LLC

    Phone: 207-221-0340
    Website: softtrac.com

    Soft Trac is a consulting firm specializing in technology for nonprofits and governmental entities. Our services include needs assessments, consultation services and software solutions that enhance the productivity of nonprofits and governmental entities. Our mission is to make a positive difference in our community by focusing on the needs of nonprofits.

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    Phone: 216-377-5500

    StreamLink’s AmpliFund and BoardMax, enable nonprofit and public sector institutions to systemize complex tasks, secure additional revenue, and increase efficiency to better serve their communities.

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    Phone: 1-888-297-4694 x704
    Email: brandy.coomer@updentity.com
    Website: https://www.updentity.com/

    Updentity’s mission is to help organizations reach, connect, and engage through the implementation of advanced online advertising strategies and data solutions. Utilizing sponsorship and the Google Ad Grants platform, Updentity has revolutionized the world of online advertising through its unique approach to providing nonprofits and for profits with low cost, high impact, online advertising and data solutions. Updentity is an operating unit of Bashpole Software, Inc.

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    Phone: 646-XANEGY1
    Website: xanegy.com

    Xanegy consultants and staff have over 100 years combined experience working at and with nonprofit and governmental organizations across the globe. We’ve sat in the Controller, CFO, Program Manager, Hospice Director, Development Manager and IT Director chairs and were fortunate enough to have learned the many facets of how a non-profit organization operates.