Are you frustrated with your current fundraising software?

Is it a monumental task to segment your list for a targeted mailing? Are you struggling to get even the most basic of reports from your donor database? Once upon a time your donor database seemed to be the solution, but over the years the people who understood the system have left and you’re left with a system expensive to maintain and difficult to use.

Or have you been juggling spreadsheets because you’re trying to make due with an entry-level system?  Perhaps you’ve got a collection of systems that support your fundraising activities, but there’s no integration and as a result your team is spending considerable time entering the same information into multiple systems.

That’s what we hear from the nonprofit development directors who have decided to invest in Orange Leap – they want technology to work for them rather than against them in achieving their mission.

Technology and features that further your fundraising

Orange Leap is a unique on-demand, web-based constituent and donation management solution for today’s nonprofits.  No longer do you need to rely on individuals to remember your processes, Orange Leap will do the work!  With an intuitive, simplistic approach to even the most complicated tasks – it’s easy to get up and running quickly.

Find a Solution for your Organization

Orange Leap On Demand — In the Cloud

More than fundraising, more than a donor database, Orange Leap is a unique on-demand, web-based constituent relationship management system for today’s nonprofits.

MPX — On Premise

Broadcast and Media Ministries Need a Powerful Fundraising, Donor Management, Media Management System; MPX Delivers