In working with others who are dedicated to assisting nonprofits in leveraging technology, we have discovered a number of powerful solutions that complement Orange Leap Constituent Relationship Management software in a number of areas from online giving to paperless to social media and beyond.

Here is a listing of the solutions our clients have used to augment the abilities of Orange Leap:


RaiseDonors is the simple, secure and affordable way to accept donations online.

  • Beautiful & Mobile Ready Donation Pages
  • Secure & PCI Compliant
  • Zero Transaction Fees
  • Full Branding & Customization
  • Embeddable Donation Forms
  • Powerful Reporting & Analytics

Best of all, RaiseDonors integrates with Orange Leap on Demand and MPX!


MortarStone is a leading donor analytics application that allows you to maximize donor giving, all while reducing donor acquisition costs. This is done by surfacing key information about your donors such as:

  • Affinity for your organization
  • Demographic markers
  • Personal preferences and interests
  • Wealth indicators

Orange Leap On-Demand is the only DMS that integrates with a third-party data enrichment application, allowing you to build a holistic picture of your donors based on real data. Click here to obtain your complimentary 250 donor screens.


2DIALOG is a next generation fundraising automation software designed to help you discover the best and easiest ways to engage, cultivate, and convert donors who care about your cause. As the only fundraising automation software designed by fundraisers, 2DIALOG works to …

  • Automate your donor engagement campaigns and effectively engage donors across the pyramid with segmented and personalized messages.
  • Integrate with your other donor management systems to make your data actionable and eliminate data silos.
  • Optimize your donor engagement strategy by capturing real-time performance and behavioral data to inform future campaigns.



Edgetheory ties together all the topics, ideas, trends, places, events, and activities that influence your donors and constituents.  The Edgetheory team of message designers then create a database of authentic phrases and publish those messages on your behalf on major social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Tumblr.  You enjoy enhanced social branding, better engagement with your community and increased social reach.

Edgetheory helps you make a mark on the social platforms where your future donors and advocates are interacting.