MPX from Orange Leap

Broadcast and Media Ministries Need a Powerful Fundraising, Donor Management, Media Management System; MPX Delivers

MPX is the first full-feature, open source constituent relationship management software built specifically to grow broadcast and media ministries of all sizes.

Hundreds of nonprofits all over the world – including some of the savviest direct-response fundraisers – rely on the powerful and full-featured MPX to run their organizations more efficiently and effectively.

In addition to serving as a constituent database, MPX offers three additional modules:
• Media module
• Inventory module
• Subscription module

Know the ROI of each broadcast

You can use MPX to set up media outlets, translators, programming information, network affiliation and more.

MPX helps Broadcast and Media Ministries assess the effectiveness of media outlets

Organizations have the ability to track and manage media buys (including free airtime or shared airtime agreements) in a central system.

Because MPX can capture contract information from start to finish, you have access to broadcast ROI and know which broadcast are performing as well as how viewers or listeners responded – whether through prayer requests; purchase of print, CDs, or DVDs; or donations.

With MPX you have the ability to link media codes to gifts or order, and you can assign a Fair Market Value to any applicable products.

A powerful constituent relationship management solution for Broadcast and Media Ministries

MPX is a powerful and sophisticated multi-relationship and multi-channel marketing and fundraising solution that has been continuously improve from working alongside organizations large and small.

Address all your constituents personally. MPX gives you the ability to create over 500 segmentations easily and quickly, giving you virtually unlimited ability to determine constituent motivations, address them in a relevant way throughout the donor lifecycle, and assess program results precisely.

The reporting and analytics you need1-MPX-300x257

Put critical and current reporting and analysis at your fingertips. MPX gives you highly detailed, accurate, and real-time reports that answer critical questions about your organization’s health.

Feature rich and easy to use

Get the features you want and can immediately use. MPX provides a fast, intuitive user interface that is easy to understand and use, without compromising the sophisticated, comprehensive features that you need from a robust constituent management solution.

Easily integrated to meet your unique needs. MPX enables you to complete your best-of-breed strategy easily and seamlessly. Because it’s Open Source and built to integrate, you have the control and options you need to accomplish real-time, bi-directional integrations in a simple and supportable way.